Our Mission & Services

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs & startups succeed.

We achieve it by providing the services that you need to start & build your company.

We help you Form & Brand Your Company, Build Your Product & Team and Get Investors & Customers.

Form Your Company
Brand Your Company
Build Your App
Build Your Team
Get Investors
Get Customers

Our Clients

Our Clients are Our Passion.

We love hearing your brilliant ideas, sharing your energy and enthusiasm and helping you turn your ideas into successful businesses that enrich people’s lives.

Our Clients include:


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What They’re Saying

  • When I needed advice on recruiting services, The StartUp team helped me identify team members. I feel they care about my company, as evidenced in their service!

    Maha Alami
    Owner, Maha Chocolate
  • By investing in the Startup Team, we saved time, money, and our sanity! Thank you!

    Tricia Douglas
    Founder, Seamless TL
  • The StartUp Team treated me and my business they way big companies treat their big clients. The branding and web site work they did was not only priced right, but executed beautifully.

    Salah Zalatimo
    Founder, Maquis