The Startup Team

The Startup Team is a group of specialists from various disciplines — we’re business plan writers, designers, developers, lawyers, accountants, marketers and recruiters — who have come together to form a multi-disciplinary team that helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful companies.

Your success is our mission.  We’re united by our passion for startups and our desire to see passionate entrepreneurs realize their dreams, give more people jobs, build great businesses and leave the world better than we found it.

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A One-Stop Shop

We provide the business services that you need in one place to save you precious time and make your startup experience easier.  If you need an individual service to fill in a gap, we’ll can fill it.  If you need comprehensive services to help you build your business, our team can provide them.

We know that entrepreneurs have so many critical issues to deal with as they build their businesses that you simply can’t do everything yourselves.  That’s why we’re here — you can spend lots of time and money trying to master every skill; you can build an expensive team; you can give away your equity; you can put your business ideas on hold until you have time that never comes; you can spend weeks searching for, interviewing, managing and dealing with multiple providers…or you can use The Startup Team.

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The Pricing


We know how important money is when you’re just starting out, so we work hard to keep our pricing affordable.


We offer various packages and payment options allowing you to pay up front or over time.

The Service


Customer service is everything to us.  We work quickly and respond to every call and email promptly.


With The Startup Team, you get someone whose job it is to work with you.  We never send you to call centers who don’t know you or your company.

The Team


Because we have vast experience with startups, we know how to address the unique circumstances that startups face.


We love startups, and we thrive off of the energy that entrepreneurs bring to their ventures.  That’s our passion, and we bring it to our work.

Get Started

We’d love to help you build your startup.


Give us a call at (800) 657-6150 or send us a message, and let’s get started today!