Create a Crowdfunding Campaign

Starting at $499

Crowdfunding has become a powerful new way for entrepreneurs with new product ideas to get the word out, raise funds and even find early customers.

The Startup Team helps startups and entrepreneurs design and execute crowdfunding campaigns that excite investors and customers alike.

The Process

We create crowdfunding campaigns through the following process…


We build a strategy based on an understanding of your product, industry and market


We set up compelling crowdfunding profiles that include information about your product, company and request


We aggressively promote your campaign through social media, online and other forms of media


We send Crowdfunding Campaign Reports to update you on the status of your campaign

The Strategy

Our Crowdfunding Strategy consists of:

1. Determining whether crowdfunding is the right approach for you
2. Deciding on the most suitable crowdfunding platforms
3. Setting the right funding goal
4. Assessing the best avenues for promotion
5. Developing a compelling campaign message

financial statements

The Promotion

Our Crowdfunding Campaign promotion can include some or all of the following:

1. Explainer Videos
2. Social Media Updates
3. Social Media Ads
4. Online Ads
5. Google Ads
6. Media Relations

Why Crowdfunding?


Crowdfunding offers a range of options through which to raise funds and reward followers


Crowdfunding can give you access to investors who might not have otherwise learnt about your idea your idea or product

Get Started

We’d love to help you create a crowdfunding campaign for your startup.


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