Companies that sell don’t just have great products; they have great sales systems staffed by great sales personnel using great resources.

We help you build an powerful sales process that allows you to recruit, empower, manage and evaluate great sales people, identify and take advantage of opportunities, and organize your prospects and customers.

What You Get

The Startup Team Builds a Sales Process that Gets You…


We give you the tools necessary to attract, evaluate, motivate, train and manage your sales personnel


We build you a database of leads


We create the resources necessary to sell your product & turn your leads into customers


We help you manage your prospects & customers using powerfu, easy-to-use software

Why The Startup Team?


We’ve worked with startups for years. We know the unique challenges that startups face, and we can help you address them. We also know the resources that you need in the early stages of your business, and we can help you develop them.


Our service is so personal that we practically become a member of your team. We learn your company and products so intimately that we can sell them ourselves.

Get Started

We’d love to help you build your sales process.


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