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Get a Professional Pitch Deck

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You’ve got a great idea.  Now you need the money to make it a reality.  Your pitch deck helps you explain your idea and persuade investors to invest in it.

The StartUp Team develops professional pitch decks that communicate your idea, business model and strategy clearly, concisely and compellingly.  Our research is rigorous, our writing is persuasive and our design is beautiful. Together, that makes for a great pitch deck.

The Deck

The StartUp Team’s pitch decks include the following elements:

1. The Summary
2. The Problem
3. The Business
4. The Industry
5. The Market
6. The Competition
7. The Marketing Plan
8. The Management Team
9. The Financials
10.The Investment

financial statements

The Financials

As part of our pitch deck, we provide detailed financials that include 5 years worth of:

1. Income Statements
2. Balance Sheets
3. Cash Flow Statements

The Process

We create pitch decks through the following process…


We ask you targeted questions about the goals, products and services of your business.


We conduct thorough research into your industry, market, market segment, and competition.


Combing your information and our research, we design & develop a first draft of your pitch deck


We solicit your feedback, and then incorporate it through several iterations until the deck is complete.

Why a Pitch Deck?


Organize and simplify your business so that investors can easily understand it


Provide compelling research to persuade investors to fund your business


Provide information to address investor questions and concerns

Get Started

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